Updated December 7, 2008
Camp Conawago with Troop 83, December 5-7, 2008
After breakfast the Scouts gathered for the morning flag ceremony and a quick overview of the day’s activities. The weather was very cold, down to the low 20’s at some points, and all Scouts dressed correctly. Sam and Devin spent the night practicing correct cold weather camping in a lean-to, rather than enjoying the comforts of the wood heated cabin.

Scouts from both troops have been working toward the Orienteering Merit Badge. As part of the requirements, they have to teach Orienteering skills to other Scouts, so the Webelos were trained to run a course. Troop 205 and 83 each set up a course, about 1.5 miles in length. They had to use the topographic map of the camp and determine where to place their markers, than take the markers to those locations, and create a control sheet for participants to run their course. Then they ran each other’s courses, had the Webelos run both courses, and invited Troop 50 from Spry PA to run the courses. They all took turns acting as race officials learning how to run an orienteering event.

Another activity of the weekend was on building fires in less than perfect weather. Scouts had to create a waterproof fire starting kit, and it was then tested as being waterproof. Then using wood that was partially wet, they had to light a fire, cook a hot dog, and prove it was 160 degrees.
A long tradition in Scouting is pioneering – building things from wooden poles with nothing but rope. Many of the scouts had not had an opportunity to build a tower, so those Scouts pitched in to build one well over 30 feet tall. As they got higher, it started to snow – hard! With safety in mind construction was halted, but everyone enjoyed the climb!