Updated December 27, 2008

BSA Troop 205 2008 Activities

Providing adventure and leadership opportunities
for Boys ages 11-17 in Southern York County
Hershey Bears Hockey, December 27, 2008
For the final activity of 2008 Scouts Chris, Kevin, Max, Mike, and Matt attended the Hershey Bears vs. Binghamton Senators hockey game in Hershey PA. Sitting a few rows from the goal, the boys watched as the Bears lost 4-1 in a rather sad game. Everyone had a good time cheering for the Bears, and many of the boys will be back for more hockey in the future.

Photos from Caroling
Christmas Caroling at the Lutheran Home in Shrewsbury, December 20, 2008
Scouts Caleb, Kevin, Chris, Max, Will, Matt, and Brian combined with over 60 Boy Scouts, Crews, Cubs, and Girl Scouts from Southern York County to bring some cheer to the residents of the Lutheran Home. While residents enjoyed their lunches, the carolers sang such holiday favorites as “Jingle Bells”, “Silent Night”, and “Rudolph.” Thanks to Mrs. Donna for arranging the caroling, and Troop 122 for hosting cookies, cider, and hot cocoa in the parking lot afterwards.

Photos from Roundtop
Skiing and Snowboarding at Roundtop, December 13, 2008
Scouts Kevin, Chris, Matt, and Brian along with crewmember Jamie and guests John, Thomas, and Julie spent a day running the slopes of Ski Roundtop in Lewisberry PA. For some it was their first time on either skis or a board, for others, well they have been doing it every year for a long while! The weather was wonderful, and everyone spent eight or more hours having fun and learning new skills.

Photos from Conawago
Camp Conawago with Troop 83 Fawn Grove, December 5-7, 2008
Troop 205 Scouts Lee, Max, Chris, Sam, Alex, Greg, Mack, Steven and Caleb along with their friends from Troop 83 Griffin, Layne, Mike, Devin, Aaron, and Cody enjoyed a fun weekend of camping at Conawago. Joining them were Crewmember Colin, and Webelos Scouts Mike, Ethan, Matt, Nick, Merle, Ian, Brett, and Trent from Packs 205, 83, and 156. The weekend was planned to help Scouts working on various different skills such as Orienteering, Pioneering, Camping, Citizenship, and general cold weather skills. Scouts Sam and Devin braved the cold to spend two nights camping in a lean-to. The Scouts all learned how to set up and officiate an Orienteering event. Everyone practiced cold weather cooking skills, and helped Webelos Scouts learn knots, and practice Orienteering. Those who wanted also built a pioneering tower, identified animal tracks, and participated in a snowball battle.

Congratulations to Webelos Scout Mike for being crowned the “Clove Hitch King,” tying them faster and more accurate than anyone else. Congratulations to the Screaming Gopher Patrol for doing the fastest cooking, and Troop 83 for mastering the Orienteering with the best score.

Photos from the Lancaster Orienteering
Lancaster Orienteering and Camp Mack with Troop 83 Fawn Grove, November 14-16, 2008
Troop 205 Scouts Lee and Kevin along with Troop 83 Scouts Griffin, Layne, Jared, Devin, Aaron, Cody, and David spent a busy weekend at Camp Mack, and participated in the Lancaster Orienteering event for Scouts the weekend of November 14-16. Lee and Kevin have competed in many Orienteering events, and helped the Scouts of Troop 83 prepare for and enjoy their first event. The weather for the weekend was foggy, rainy, hot and sunny, heavy rain, tornado warnings, freezing, and even ended with a brief snow flurry. All the Scouts never let the weather slow them down, and had a wonderful time orienteering and learning pioneering skills together.

Photos from the Stewartstown Railroad
Stewartstown Railroad, Community Service, November 8, 2008
Scout Alex B looked to one of his interests when thinking about what he could do for a leadership project with the troop. He contacted the Stewartstown Railroad and offered our services to help with their projects. This group works to preserve and restore the old railroad running into Stewartstown, and hopes to open it to the public at some future date. Alex worked with the railroad group to arrange a day of community service for local Scouts from two troops and one pack. Thanks to Alex, Merle, Logan, Greg, Caleb, Chris, David, Griffin, Steven, Brett, and Sam for their hard work in helping to maintain the station in Stewartstown.

Photos from Halloween Weekend #1
Halloween Weekend, Camp Tuckahoe, October 17-19 and 24-26, 2008
Scouts Kevin, Zac, Matt (both), Mike, Chris (both), Steven (both), Max, Alex R., Sam (both), Alex B., Caleb, Nick, and Travis along with Webelos Scout Merle helped staff the council Halloween Weekend #1 for Cub Scouts at Camp Tuckahoe. The Cubs come for a day of fun activities, games, and crafts throughout the camp, ending in dinner, a campfire, and a haunted trail. Troop and Crew 205 have haunted Poplar Lodge the last few years, and enjoy giving the Cubs and their parents a good scare. Additionally, the Scouts were asked to run a few other activities for the cubs.

Photos from Community Service
Community Service, Shrewsbury Library, October 4-5, 2008
Scouts Will, Lee, Alex R., Alex B., Chris, and Kevin donated their time and efforts to assist the Southern York County library in Shrewsbury prepare for their anniversary celebration. Over the years the landscaping in outside reading areas has not been maintained, and was in need of an overhaul. Will coordinated the project with local businesses to receive mulch, plants and flowers, and necessary materials for proper maintenance of the facilities. Webelos and Cubs from local assisted, including Martin from Pack 48, and Dylan, Luke, Mike, and Greg from Pack 205

Photos from the Camporee
Indian Steps District Fall Camporee, Camp Tuckahoe, September 26-28, 2008
Scouts Chris, Matt, Will, Kevin, Steven, Alex R., and Nick attended the Fall Camporee “A Scout is Hungry!” Over 200 Scouts and Leaders enjoyed a rain soaked weekend camping and cooking together at Camp Tuckahoe. This Camporee focused on cooking and Patrol Skills, and engaged the Scouts in many “hands on” chances to show their skills, and try something different. Boys did utensil-less cooking, pancake cooking relays, egg cooking events, and lots of creative cooking and eating in the rain. Each event was designed to that for success, patrols had to work as a team. There were two “surprise” events where Scouts could show their spirit by offering to help a leader laboring at moving wood, or another scout with a authentic looking injury along the way. The Troop 205 Ninjuh Monkees were awarded the District Spirit Award for their continuous display of the Scout Spirit throughout the day.

Photos from Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater Rafting on the Ohiopyle River, September 12-14, 2008
Scouts Cameron, Lee, Chris, Kevin, Matt, Mike, Will, Mack, and Alex B and Crew member Jamie spent a weekend at Heritage Scout Reservation, and an incredible day rafting the Ohiopyle River if Southwestern PA. This trip was organized by Crew 205, and Scouts 13 and older were invited to participate. This section of the river is rated as Class III-IV rapids, and proved quite a challenge for the Scouts. Almost everyone ended up in the river at some point, with a sole Scout left in the raft following a very difficult section of the river. Everyone had fun, and yes, they want to return to whitewater again next year.

Photos from Flag Retirement
Flag Retirement Ceremony, September 11, 2008
In recognition of September 11, the TLC arranged for a Flag retirement Ceremony at our Troop Meeting. A location was secured with tables and a proper fireplace, and Scouts prepared for this solemn event. Word was sent out to families in the troop that we would accept flags ready for retirement. We received and retired a total of 36 flags of all sizes from families, friends, and local businesses.
Scout Night at the York Fair, September 9, 2008
Steven, Caleb, Lee, Alex R, Sam, Matt, and Nick participated in the 2008 York Fair Scout Scavenger hunt. The boys ran around answering questions about different displays at the fair in record time. They then participated in the many free activities such as climbing, Rock Band video, and others, and enjoyed a dinner of fair food. Admission was free, and background music was supplied by ZZ-Top performing in the grandstand.

Photos from Geocaching
Geocaching in Jacobus PA, August 14, 2008
Chris, Matt, Kevin, Sam, Greg, and Nick set out to locate as many geocaches in the area that they could in 2 hours. When we left, it was raining, and cloud cover leads to bad signals. The Scouts got lucky, and when we arrives at the lake, the rain had ended and we were able to get signals. Three caches fell to the boys in their allotted time.

Photos from New Hampshire
New Hampshire Adventure, August 12-10, 2008
Scouts Cameron, Max, Lee, Kevin, Will, Greg, Alex B., Alex R., Mack, Zac, and Sam participated in a week long adventure in Hew Hampshire. The week included summer camp at Wah-tut-ca Scout reservation, and climbing in the White Mountains. Joining our Scouts were Alex M. and Andrew, Scouts from other units who have friends in 205, and Crew members Jamie and Jess for some of the activities. The Scouts participated in traditional and advanced activities, and took advantage of all that was offered for a fun time.

Photos from Kickball
Kickball at Glen Rock Park, August 1, 2008
Scouts Greg, Alex B., Cameron, Mack, Zac, Kevin, Chris, Alex M., Lee, Max, Alex R., Sam, and Will got together for a game of kickball after packing for the New Hampshire trip. All Scouts had their gear verified and loaded in the cars, ready for the trip to New Hampshire the next morning. They had a great time with each other, and were excited about the upcoming trip and adventure.

Photos from Swimming Merit Badge
Swimming Merit Badge, July 14-17, 2008
Scouts Zac, Mike, Sam, and Greg completed their Swimming Merit Badge prior to attending summer camp. Troop 205 asks each new Scout to demonstrate their swimming abilities, and work on the swimming badge, so we can make sure they are safe in all water activities.

Photos from Bashore Summer Camp
Bashore Scout Reservation Summer Camp, July 6-11 2008
Scouts Matt, Chris, Kevin, Alex, and Steven enjoyed an adventure packed week of summer camp at Bashore. The boys selected for some of their advanced programs – Horsemanship, Climbing, and Archery – as well as a very busy traditional summer camp program. The troop took first place in the camp-wide games, got to try a lot of new and different activities, and had a great time! Congratulations to Kevin for the mile swim, Chris for kayaking, and Matt for the Silver Medal in the Olympic Style Archery competition. The troop also earned the Clean Campsite Award from the Camp Commissioner Staff, and the Baden Powell Award for Patrol Excellence. Their patrol name was the Ninjuh Monkees. During the camp wide games, they took first place in Roman Aqueducts, second place in Hail,Caesar, 3rd place in the Obstacle Course, and 3rd place in the skills challenge. Our troop was the smallest group in camp, but had the most top-three finishes of any group, placing in 4 out of 7 games. They performed a conservation project for the Nature program, and a Good Turn for the Health Lodge.

Photos from the Harrisburg Senators
Harrisburg Senator's Campout, July 3-4 2008
Scouts Matt, Nick, and Sam enjoyed the evening watching the Harrisburg Senator’s defeat their opponent 6 to 4. This is the annual Scout Campout, where all Scouts are invited to spend the night camping on the outfield following the game. The boy’s enjoy playing sports with Scouts from other units, as well as the organized activities the Senator’s offer, from contents, scavenger hunts, games, and autographs. On July 4th it is followed by breakfast supplied by the team. Events are held rain or shine, and there was rain!

Photos from Fishing
Fishing at Lake Redmond, June 6-8 2008
What do you get when you combine 1-Steven, 1-Caleb and a trio of Chris’s (Steven’s friend Chris, Caleb’s friend Chris and our Scout Chris) with some fishing gear, marshmallows for bait and a huge lake full of fish? Two very wet boys a bunch of tangled lines and NO fish…..but a lot of fun had by all.
Baseball, June 12 2008
Scouts Alex B., Steven, Caleb, Cameron, Mack, Zac, and Kevin, Chris, Lee, Max, Alex R., Sam, Will, and Matt got together for a nice summer game of Baseball. Between innings, a pre-camp meeting was held for Scouts attending Camp Bashore in July, or Wah-tut-ca in August. Everyone enjoyed a very close game.

Photos from Canoeing
Canoeing the Delaware Water Gap, Northeast PA, June 6-8 2008
Scouts Cameron, Max, Zac, Chris, Matt, Kevin, Alex B., Mack, Mike, Sam, Alex R., and Greg, along with Crew Members Jamie and Alex M. spent a weekend camping at Resica Falls Scout Reservation, and canoeing down the Delaware Water Gap in Northeast PA. All Scouts were verified as passing their swimmers test prior to the event, and reviewed the basics of Safety Afloat prior to boarding the canoes. This was there first run down rapidly moving water since Scout camps usually use lakes for canoeing. The boys covered 10 miles over the day, stopping to cool off in the river along the shores, and enjoying the eagles and orioles nesting by the river. The TLC is planning an overnight canoe trip next June.

Photos from Auto Mechanics
Auto Mechanics Merit Badge, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 2008
The Troop Leaders Council surveys the Scouts on their interests, and schedules some time during troop meetings to explore those interests. The boys indicated an interest in cars (surprise!), and we were fortunate enough to be able to help them explore that interest. Mr. John, Steve, Mickey, and Jeff are all involved in cars, either as a hobby, or profession. Time at four meetings was dedicated to working on the Auto Mechanics Merit Badge, with hands on experience on several vehicles.

Photos from Orienteering
M.A.S.O.C. Orienteering event, French Creek State Park PA, May 2-4, 2008
Scouts Cameron, Lee, Chris, Will, Matt, Mack, Zac, Sam, and Alex R participated as part of the 1000 Scout orienteering event sponsored by the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association. This is an annual event held in central PA for any Cub, Girl, or Boy Scout group who wants to learn or practice orienteering skills. Teams of two or three are sent off into the woods with a map trying to located a series of markers, and get the fastest time on their course. We participated in the novice, intermediate, and advanced courses this year, with two of our teams taking home trophies. Everyone had a great time, and are looking forward to future orienteering meets.

Photos from Potter County
European Swallow Patrol Campout, Potter County PA, April 18-20, 2008
European Swallow Patrol members Lee, Matt, Will, Alex, Sam, Greg, and Caleb spent a weekend as a patrol camping at in the woods of Potter County, PA. Activities included hiking, conservation projects, fishing, tubing, and having a really good time.
Hippie Patrol Campout, Camp Spencer, Broad Creek Scout Reservation April 4-6, 2008
Hippie Patrol members Chris, Kevin, Mack, Mike, and Alex B. spent a weekend as a patrol camping at Broad Creek. Since they forgot to take a camera there are no incriminating photos of the Hippy Patrol weekend. Here is their story:

We arrived at camp around 7PM at Spencer, and we practically had the place to ourselves. As we set up our tents we heated up some Beef-a-roni and ate it with some butter bread....just in time because the rain started. It rained through out the night on Friday but then Saturday was sunny and beautiful all day long. Saturday began with a nice ham and cheese omelet breakfast and after clean-up we began gathering wood, and chopping and gathering and chopping some more....the plan was to gather wood for a nice fire later that evening, but the urge to light the fire was too strong so by 11AM we had started a fire. Yes the Hippies actually started a fire.....and with the wood we had gathered kept it burning all afternoon and into the evening, during a few games of capture the flag, lunch and some more find the flag games. Dinner was a Dutch oven Enchilada Casserole with a side of refried beans.....and the fire still burning with some charcoal embers from the Dutch oven cooking. Later that evening smore's were enjoyed by the eternal flame and everyone was in their tents and asleep by 9PM. Our leader doused the fire around 10PM with what seemed like a 100 gallons of water. Sometime during the night it started to rain again, lasting all night and through the morning, but everyone stayed dry, well mostly. We packed up and checked out by 9:15AM. Once at home we set the tents up in my garage to allow them to dry.

Photos from the Conservation Project
Conservation Project, March 30, 2008
Scouts Max, Lee, Matt, Alex B., Caleb, Mack, Kevin, Alex R., and Mike were joined by friends Colin and Brandon, and Cub Scouts from Pack 205 and 152 to work on a soil conservation project. The goal was to start an erosion control project for a local resident, who has a major problem with runoff from the hill his house is built upon. This was part one of a several part project to manage the runoff better and improve the quality of his lot.

Photos from Climbing
Climbing at Earth Treks, Timonium MD, March 29, 2008
Scouts Travis, Steven, Cameron, Mack, Kevin, Chris, Max, Will, and Matt joined with Crew members and guest Nick to climb at Earth Treks in Timonium MD. The Scouts spent 7 hours working hard climbing routes from 40 to 90 feet tall, bouldering, and traversing numerous courses. A few worked hard to build their confidence and tackle a fear of heights, and made a lot of progress. By the end of the day everyone was tired and had had a wonderful time. A few of the boys will be taking these skills to summer camp for C.O.P.E. and Climbing Merit Badge. Special thanks to Mr. Terry for working with everyone preparing for their belay test.

Photos from the Eagle Court of Honor
Eagle Scout Court of Honor for Matthew D., March 27, 2008
Troop 205 had the honor of recognizing Matthew D. as our first Eagle Scout at a Court of Honor March 27. Matt was a charter member of Troop 205 in February 2005. Transferring from another local unit, Matt accepted the challenge of serving as our first Senior Patrol Leader, and helped develop our traditions of strong youth leadership and an active program. For his Eagle Scout Project, Matthew worked with H.O.P.E., providing them much needed facilities for storage.

Photos from Bashore
Camp Bashore, March 14-16, 2008
Scouts Chris, Matt, Kevin, Alex, Travis, Sam, Greg B., along with Webelos Mike, Ethan, Nick, Greg C., and guest Collin spent a weekend camping at Camp Bashore in Jonestown PA. The theme of the weekend was games – outside sports games, inside board games, and geocaching. This was planned as a weekend to get to know are newest Scouts better, and help them along with their first rank, as well as get to know the Webelos who may choose to come to Troop 205 next year. The weather was beautiful, so most of the day and night were spent outside running and playing.

Photos from Climbing Training
Climbing Training, March 11 and 25, 2008
Troop and Crew 205 are preparing for an indoor climbing adventure at Earth Treks. In preparation, Scouts must attend training sessions covering safety while climbing, and safety while belaying other Scouts. This activity is limited to Scouts age 13 and older.
The first training session was held on March 11 for any Scout who did not participate last year. This session covered climbing safety, knots, and harnesses. Cameron, Chris, Travis, Max, Mack, Will, Steven, Matt, and Kevin with guests Bonnie and Nick learned all about how friction keeps them safe.
The Second session was March 25 and was required of all participants. After a review of safety, Scouts focused on the proper commands for climbing and belaying. Scouts 14 and older will prepare to take the belaying test, learning proper safety and techniques.
The actual event is March 29.

Photos from Pawsabilities
Community Service, Pawsabilities, Harrisburg PA, March 8-9, 2008
Will, Cameron, Lee, Max, Alex B., Steven, Matt, Kevin, Chris, Mike, and Mack were joined by adults and family members to help out at Pawsabilities on March 8 and 9. This event is a fundraiser for the Susquehanna Service Dogs, used to raise money for training new dogs to service those with handicaps. The event draws over 4,000 people and their dogs for two days of fun and games. Scouts from the troop were responsible for working with other volunteers supervising games for dogs and their owners. All together Scouts logged over 70 hours of community service.

Photos from Ice Skating
Ice Skating, York City ice Arena, February 27, 2008
Scouts Matt and Steven along with Webelos Alex and guest Brandon attended the District Ice Skating night at York Ice Arena. This is a chance for Scouts to have fun at a greatly reduced rate, and for those who have never tried it, a chance to learn to skate. Our Scouts along with a few brave dads helped others learn and enjoy themselves for the evening.

Photos from the Klondike Derby
Indian Steps District Klondike Derby, Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, February 22-24, 2008
Scouts Cameron, Max, Chris, Matt, Will, Mack, Kevin, Alex, and (Soon to be Boy Scouts) Alex, Greg, and Sam participated in the district Klondike Derby at Camp Tuckahoe. Both patrols competed in up to ten events testing their Scouting skills, and their teamwork. Cameron assisted in managing one of the events for the second year. Congratulations to both patrols for a job well done, and to the European Swallows for best event score in ice fishing, and first aid. Congratulations to Will for second place in Dutch Oven cooking. The second night, Cameron, Max, and Will braved the cold weather to spend the night sleeping outside in a tent. Congratulations for everyone for demonstrating outstanding Scout Spirit and demonstrating to everyone that Boy Leadership works!

Photos from the Swim
Troop Swim, Shrewsbury YMCA, February 13, 2008
Scouts Matt, Kevin, Webelos Scout Alex, and guest David spent the evening working on their swimming skills and goofing off with other scouts at the Shrewsbury YMCA. After assuring everyone could pass the BSA swimmer test, the boys enjoyed playing around with diving rings and floats with Scouts from Troop 48.

Photos from the Derby
Cardboard Sled Derby, Ski Roundtop, Lewisberry PA, January 27
Youth and Adults from all over the area came to compete in the annual Cardboard Sled Derby at Ski Roundup. Scouts Cameron, Max, Lee, Chris, Mack, Matt, Travis, Steven, Kevin, Alex, Brian, and Webelos Sam and Greg created their sleds using nothing but cardboard, tape, glue, wax, and paint. They competed against over 60 sleds in the youth division for appearance and distance. Congratulations to the Hippies, whose Yogi Bear’s Picnic Basket took third place overall for distance.

Photos from No-Be-Bo-Sco
Snow Tubing and Swimming Campout, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, January 18-20
Our traditional January campout is to go tubing and swimming in the Poconos Mountains in Northern PA. This year Scouts Cameron, Max, Zac, Chris, Matt, Mack, Mike, Alex, Steven, and Webelos Alex, Sam, and Caleb spent a weekend camping at No-Be-Bo-Sco in New Jersey. This Boy Scout camp is famous as the camp used in the Movie “Friday the 13th”, and the cabin we were in, right along the lake, was part of that movie. Saturday morning was spent tubing at Camelback Mountain in Tannersville PA, and the afternoon spent swimming at the YMCA in Stroudtsburg PA. With all the activities, everyone still had time for any additional skills they wanted to work on, or to just goof off and be kids.

Photos from Bowling
Bowling, Springfield Lanes, Loganville PA, January 4
To start the New Year, Scouts and families gathered for an evening of bowling at the local alley. Webelos Scout Alex R. and Cub Meryle joined Cameron, Max, Zac, Chris, Lee, Matt, Mack, Kevin, Mike, Alex B., and sibling Julie, and a few adults for glow bowling. Three hours of pizza, music, and fun.