Updated March 2, 2009
I.S. District Klondike Derby, Camp Tuckahoe, February 27 - March 1, 2009
The theme for this year’s Klondike was “Return to BrownSea” in honor of the first Boy Scout camping event in England. Scouts started Saturday with a hearty breakfast, prepared their lunches and sled, and set out for a day of adventure. A few of the older Scouts were asked to help staff events this year.
Each patrol faced 14 challenges throughout the day, ranging from contests of fire building, citizenship, animal and track identification, first aid, and knowledge of the Scout Law. All activities were made into games, follow Lord Baden Powel’s philosophy that Scouting is a “game with a purpose.” All the Scouts worked well together, and had a chance to prove this in tests of patrol spirit and unity.
The day ended with a campfire. The Scouts chosen to lead the fire showed a lot of spirit, making jokes and even getting dressed down to get some help keep things moving fast and funny. The campfire closed with the presentation of the Spirit Stick. Troop 205 won this honor at the Fall Camporee, and was happy to do some leatherwork to make a grip on the stick. The honor was presented to the very spirited Troop 50.

And keeping with tradition, it snowed the last night of the event.