Updated March 21, 2009
Camp Bashore, March 20-22, 2009

The morning was set aside for fun and skills Scouts had opportunities to work on advancement, or look around Bashore. Some worked together to build a primitive shelter which they planned to sleep in that night. They will learn ways to make it better this summer at camp, but did well for a first try.

Everyone brought their bike to ride the many trails at Camp Bashore. The Scouts who had attended summer camp last year showed the younger scouts around, so everyone would know where to find things here at Summer Camp in 2009. There were plenty of trails all around the mountain and ponds to explore. Before anyone set out, safety inspections for bikes and helmets were conducted, as well as brake tests.

Additional skill opportunities were provided after the rides, including instruction on fire building and safety. We have a lot of new Scouts, and everyone needs to understand the importance of safety.