Updated May 1, 2009
Blue and Gray District Camporee, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, April 24-26
The Blue and Gray District Camporee was hosted by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp #112, who did an excellent job interacting with a large number of Scouts and educating them on the life of Soldiers during the Civil War. All aspects of life were considered, including training and drilling, where Scouts were given wooden rifles and taught the drills of a regiment.
Part of the Soldiers life was singing songs and playing music. Scouts learned some songs of the era, and enjoyed singing to instruments of that period.
    Some games have been popular
for a long time,
like this version
of bat and ball
Communications was essential during a battle, but they did not have cell phones and radios. Either carrying a message, or semaphore communications using flags to spell out messages was the method of communicating between military units. Using two flags held in various positions, you spell out your messages. Hopefully fast, since you are standing up with two bright flags as targets!
Life was not easy for the soldiers, and you can bet our Scout ate much better than they did, but the boys did get to sample the types of food the soldier lived on during the war.
    After drilling, eating, and playing,
Scouts became part of a simulated
cannon brigade. After learning the
positions and the job of each, the
boys had to function as a team to
simulate the firing of 4 shots from
the cannons. They were also taught
aiming and positioning the weapons
moving was done by horse or
Clothing and gear were important, and the Scouts got to try on some period attire. They also had a change to try the non-alcoholic drinks of the period, experience the currency and books, and many other things about the way people lived.
The evening ended with a campfire, including songs and stories from the Civil War. The final conclusion was recognition of those Scouts elected into the Order of the Arrow the Boy Scout honor camper society.