Updated June 13, 2009
Canoeing, Resica Falls Scout Reservation with Troop 83, June 5-7, 2009
With so many Scouts who had never been in a canoe before, the day was spent in the lake at Resica Falls learning how to handle a canoe. All Scouts reviewed the basics of Safety Afloat and Safe Swim, as well as how to handle a paddle and a canoe. The boys and leaders then carried the boats to the lake, and practiced their techniques. Scouts each did the front and back of the canoe, learning to steer and paddle correctly. Everyone then spent time learning how to handle a canoe alone, and how to recover from a capsized or sunken canoe. The day was hot, then wet, and hot again. With the recent weather in the area, Scouts were not able to use the Delaware River on this trip due to high conditions, so they will save that for the next trip. Everyone learned all the basics, had a lot of fun, and will be looking to do the badge at summer camp later this summer.