Updated July 25, 2009
Boy Scout Summer Camp, Bashore Scout Reservation, July 12-17, 2009
The Scouts from 205 do a lot of Scout Craft activities as part of their regular program – pioneering, Orienteering, Knife and Axe. Older Scouts once again helped the younger Scouts work on their skills for their totin’chit, and basic pioneering skills. One day of the week has "Hawaiian Shirt Day, so the boys looked more colorful than usual.
Shooting Sports
Camp is one of the few places the boys can work on shooting skills in Archery and Rifle. A former Olympic Archer leads the staff of the Archery Range at Bashore, and the boys get an incredible experience working with Trish. This area attracts most of the Scouts, and they get to learn the correct way to shoot, and work on making their own bowstring and arrows.
Swimming and Lifesaving
The Swimming area at Bashore works with Scouts on their skills, as well as Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badges. Scouts learn all they can about safety in the water, and the BSA processes to watch out for each other when swimming. They also have plenty of free time to cool off and goof around in the water and on the diving board.

Scouts Kevin, Chris, Max, and Sam also completed the Mile Swim in the lake. Great job guys!
Wilderness Survival
A skill that a large number of our Scouts decided to work on this summer was Wilderness Survival. They learn a lot of skills involving how not to get lost, and what to do should they ever be separated from the troop. Basic skills such as how to keep dry and warm using natural materials are taught, including building a shelter that they then have to spend a night in. Additionally, they have to light fires 3 ways without matches or a lighter. For some of the younger Scouts, this is a tough badge, taking them out of the comfort zone, and making them feel they have accomplished a lot when they are done.
Camp Wide Games
Camp Wide Games are challenges for all patrols at camp to compete against each other. They always require teamwork, and stress the Patrol Method of working together. Activities included such things as knife and tomahawk throwing, as well as orienteering from under a blanket so all you have to rely on is the map and compass, to everyone’s favorite the blindfolded canoe race. Four patrol members are blindfolded in a canoe, and have to navigate a course on the lake, without paddles. The remainder of the patrol is on shore, and has to guide them. One of our patrols placed well in this event.
Everyone enjoys going in a canoe or sailboat, and the Scouts like the freedom of doing this with their friends, and not an adult. Many of these Scouts had experienced the canoes in June, but everyone learned new things about the proper way to handle a boat. Instruction for both the canoes and sailboats include not just control, but safety and recovery from a mistake.
Handicraft includes activities such as woodcarving, basket making, leatherwork, and metal work. Scouts enjoyed working in the wood to make new and interesting faces, and making things out of metal.
A Great Week!
Troop 205 thanks the staff at Bashore for a wonderful week. This includes a few members of Troop 205 (Matt, Dan, and Steven) and Crew 205 (Jess). The food was good, there were plenty of new things to do, and everyone wants to come back in 2010. Special thanks to the adult leaders, and the youth leaders who stepped up and made the week a success.