Niagara Falls, August 10-15, 2009
Updated September 4, 2009

Troop 205 embarked on a week of discovery in upstate New York, spending time exploring Niagara Falls from all points of view on the US side of the falls. The falls are a natural wonder, and illuminated at night they take on a very different feeling, celebrated regularly by fireworks.

Scouts enjoyed getting close to the falls by boat and by foot, feeling the force of the spray, and appreciating the constant roar of the millions of gallons of falling water. Unlike an amusement park ride, this was the real thing, with no sign saying “You will get wet!”

Ft Niagara stands on a hill overlooking Lake Ontario, not far from Niagara Falls since 1726. The fort was involved in many efforts of France, Great Britain, Canada, and the United States to control the Great Lakes region of North America. This historic park provides an opportunity to learn the importance of the Great lakes area, and the rivers and canals as they shaped our history through control of trade and waterways. Scouts had an opportunity to experience life working to defend trade traffic from other nations, as well as the Iroquois people who were native to the area.

The parks around the Niagara area are full of trails. Scouts enjoyed a strenuous several mile hike along the river experiencing the wildlife and sheer power of the rivers and falls.

While experiencing the history of the area, Scouts had access to a pool at the campground, and when not cooking and cleaning, enjoyed some early morning (polar bear) swims in the pool.

An experience they will understand more fully when they take high school history was a trip along the Erie Canal and through the lock system that enabled this area to be so important in manufacturing and trade.

This trip brought the Scouts closer to our history, and gave them an appreciation of the power of nature. It is one they are sure to remember for a long time.