MD State Scout Orienteering, Broad Creek Scout Reservation, MD. November 7, 2009
Updated November 7, 2009
This event is geared more for training Scouts at Orienteering, and many of those attending with 83 and 205 had been working on the Merit Badge for quite a while. For those new to Orienteering, two practice courses were set up, and the older Scouts worked with the younger to assure they had the skills for the next two events.

The first scored event is “reverse orienteering.” Here Scouts are placed on a well-marked trail and given a topographic map with no markers indicated. Along the trail are 6-8 markers, they have to take their maps and indicate exactly where they believe the marker is located. This event was new to all the Scouts from 82 and 205 attending.
The second scored event was familiar to many of the Scouts who had attended MASOC in May – where 50 markers are placed in the woods, and the SPL assigns markers to each group of 2 Scouts. Teams have about 90 minutes to find and punch their cards from as many markers as possible to create a team score.
Congratulations to Wesley and Hogan from Troop 83 for scoring 25th out of about 80 novice teams. Excellent for two Scouts who have never been orienteering before!