Lost Scout Patrol Camping Weekend - Washington DC, November 13-15, 2009
Updated November 20, 2009
The Lost Scout Patrol planned their patrol campout around our nation’s capital. They spent the weekend camping in nearby Greenbelt State Park in Maryland, and the days taking in the sights of Washington, and learning more of the history of our country.
There are a lot of monuments in Washington, and at any age they have an impact. Scouts toured and discussed various monuments to wars and presidents, and were greatly impacted by the size and magnitude of the monuments, and the events they represent. A lot of discussion was had on various aspects of history, and current world issues.
You cannot visit Washington without seeing the Whitehouse. Scouts would love a tour someday, and are putting that on their “future activities” list. They were hoping to see the President, but were unable.

Part of the weekend was allocated to learning other things about our history, so visits were made to the Museum of Natural History and the Air and Space Museum.
This trip was planned completely by the Scouts, and aimed at their group interests. Congratulations to the boys for pulling off an awesome trip and creating such a good experience.