Pac-Man Patrol Campout, Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation, Schuylkill Haven, PA. November 13-15, 2009
Updated November 20, 2009
The Pac-Man Patrol planned a weekend hiking and camping at Hawk Mountain. This Scout Camp located in central PA as adjacent to the Appalachian Trail, and provides some wonderful hiking areas.
Friday night the Scouts had an opportunity to provide some service to the camp and some other scouts. they were invited to have some food at the camp dining hall as a thank you for their service.

Saturday, a hike covering several miles of the reservation and surrounding trails was enjoyed by everyone. The fall is a nice time to be hiking the back woods of PA.

Many of the Scouts wanted to work on various Scouting skills such as first aid. The older Scouts coached the younger in bandaging, splinting, and treating the most common injuries that happen on a campout, and then tackled some of the more serious injuries that we all hope to never see, but need to be prepared for.

It rained a lot Friday night, and some thinks did get wet. While the Scouts followed the procedures and kept the most important thinks dry, a few wet items had to be hung to dry by the fire. So, they built a drying rack using lashing skills.
A lot of time was spent practicing cooking with new spices and dishes, and a lot of vegetables! Scouts got to try marinating chicken for 24 hours before cooking, and found the results very good.

A notable event happened: KEVIN WAS FULL! That never happened before, and was not expected.

Congratulations to the Scouts for planning a trip, and carrying out their plan. Good Job!