Updated April 3, 2010
Tylers's Eagle Project, November 2009 - April 2010

November 2009
The first order of business was to clear an area or a lot of brush. There were pretty thick blackberry and other small brush that had to be removed from the path area and new sitting area.

Several benches had been acquired from local businesses, and wood and hardware donated to build new benches. After these were assembled and finished, they were places in the newly cleared areas along the stream.

Then the footbridge had to be built and secured over the steam, providing easy access and a nice place for residents to relax and reflect.

April 2010

With the winter arriving, the final landscaping of the project had to be scheduled for the spring. So Scouts spent a day moving lots of dirt and mulch, seeding, and staining the wood of the bridge and benches for the area.

Thanks to everyone who has donated materials and time to this project, the residents and staff at New Life will enjoy it for a long time to come.