Camp Rodney, December 4-6, 2009 Updated December 6, 2009
Part of the activities planned by the TLC was a pioneering project – either a monkey bridge or small tower. All the newer Boy Scouts and Webelos were first taught basic knots – clove hitch and bowline – which they would use to help do the project. After some instruction, a contest was held to find who could tie the fastest clove hitch.
Unfortunately, the ground outside was too soft and swampy, making both project unsafe. There were plenty of other activities planned by the TLC, so this did not impact anyone’s ability to have a lot of fun and try new things. So some of the older Scouts also worked on their pioneering skills to build a drying rack for wet clothes.
To shake things up a little, for this trip the Webelos worked with the Scoutmaster to plan the menu when the visited a recent troop meting. Encouraged to do “what they liked to eat at home” the menu included bacon, eggs, pancakes, homemade pizza, fresh chicken soft tacos, and homemade chocolate and banana pies, bagels and cream cheese, homemade donuts, and lots of fresh fruit.
Webelos Scouts were teamed up with Boy Scouts for instruction on how to successfully and safely prepare, cook, and clean up after each meal. There was plenty of food, and nobody ever left hungry. PBJ was always available, as was fruit punch, milk, and hot chocolate.
Plans for pies included Dutch Oven baked pumpkin pies, however with the weather outside we were able to find a non-swampy location to build a fore and prepare charcoal, so those pies were not included in the desert for Saturday night.

The Webelos enjoyed the food, and the Boy Scouts now know how to make some new dishes, including skillet pizza for future trips. There were comments from a few Webelos parents attending that their experience with Scouting had never included this much variety in food – congratulations Webelos for doing an excellent menu and meals!
Part of the included some basic training in orienteering – how to use a map and compass together, how to read the symbols on a map, and how an orienteering contest works. The Scouts were then divided into teams, and sent out on a course around camp. The TLC had planned to use one on the standard Rodney courses, but they were taken down for the winter, so a course was quickly developed using buildings throughout the camp. Teams of Boy Scouts and Webelos competed on a course of about 1.5 miles, in the rain and snow, having a great time! One team got off track (by over a mile) and followed correct procedures to request a return ride to the cabin. Several of the Webelos are now looking forward to competing in the MASOC competition in May.
When Troop 205 invites Webelos camping, we start the weekend reviewing knife safety with the boys, knowing they will want to use a pocketknife, and that they will be using knifes in food preparation.
For Webelos 2 who will be crossing into Scouts in just a few months, we also do an introduction to saw and hatchet/axe safety. They are first taught safe handling, and proper maintenance, to assure all tools are sharp when they use them.
Then under proper adult supervision, but Scout instruction, they are taught and supervised in using the axe, hatchet, and saw to cut wood. Some take to it quickly and enjoy this task, some a little less anxious.
Dinner was followed by several activities, including two patrol challenges. These are problems or activities the patrols have to accomplish as a team, some using reasoning, some being more physical, usually involving teamwork.
The first was to solve a problem which was found while hiking, an coming to a ravine with no way to cross. The second was a limbo challenge.
The activities of the day concluded with a campfire, organized by a Scout as a requirement for his communications merit badge. Both Webelos and Scouts volunteered Songs and skits.
While preparing for bed and winding down, Scouts enjoyed some quiet activities. Some choose to work on Webelos or Scout badge requirements, some to play games.
Even with some bad weather, everyone had a good weekend, making new friends, and trying new activities. Thanks to all the scouts and adult support for the support, and the scouts for planning and carrying out a great weekend.