BSA Troop 205 2009 Activities

Providing adventure and leadership opportunities
for Boys ages 11-17 in Southern York County

Updated December 6, 2009

Photos from Camp Rodney
Rodney Scout Reservation, Northeast MD, December 4-6, 2009
Scouts Will, Chris, Colin, Kevin, Sam, Caleb, Ethan, Mike, Steven, Dan, Brian, Matt, and Nic spent a weekend camping with Webelos Adam, Tristan, Greg, Chase, Eric, Jacob, Dylan, Luke, Dakota, Aaron, Merle, Nathen, and Logan at Camp Rodney along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The weekend activities were planned by the Troop 205 Troop Leadership Corps (TLC) to introduce Webelos to Boy Scout activities and the menu was completely planned by the Webelos, and cooked with guidance and assistance from the Scouts. In addition to cooking and cleaning, activities included Orienteering, hiking, knife safety, axe and saw usage for Webelos 2, knots, games of skill, and participating in a campfire program. This gave some confidence to the Webelos that they could perform without adult intervention, and gave them a chance to build some friendships with the Scouts in the Troop. Webelos leaders also had a chance to see how a boy lead program can work, and observe their roles as adult leaders.

Photos from Washington DC

Photos from Hawk Mountain
Patrol Camping Trips, November 13-15, 2009
Each Patrol planned and executed their own camping trips in November. The Patrol Leaders and Scouts had to complete a trip plan including rosters, reservations, directions, activities, menus, and finding their own adult supervision.

The Lost Scout Patrol (Steven, Brian, Alex S., Matt, and Nic ) planned a trip camping and touring the museums and monuments of Washington DC.

The Pac-Man Patrol (Scouts Kevin, Sam, Alex R., Caleb, Ethan, and Mike) Spent a weekend camping and hiking at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation in Schuylkill Haven, PA .

Photos from Orienteering
Orienteering at Broad Creek Scout Reservation in Maryland, November 7, 2009
Scouts Ethan and Matt We. joined along with Troop 83 attending the Maryland Scout Orienteering Championship at Broad Creek Scout Reservation in Maryland. The boys worked well as a team, and competed in the “older” scout category to continue to challenge their skills. Everyone did very well, and many completed their Orienteering Merit Badge.
Brail Awareness Walk, Shrewsbury PA, November 7, 2009
Lee, Matt, Kevin, and Nic assisted in the staffing of the first Brail Awareness walk in Shrewsbury, for the purpose of raising money and awareness of services for teaching the blind. The event was a success, with runners and walkers participating (of all ages) in the longer 3km and shorter course.

Photos from the Project
Tyler's Eagle Scout Project at New Hope, November, 2009
Scouts Tyler, Chris, Brian, Kevin, Alex R., Ethan, and Nic have begun work on Tyler’s eagle project. The Scouts are takeing an area at New Life and making a reflection area for residents to enjoy. This involves clearing brush, and building an area for sitting and relaxing.
Halloween Day at Camp Tuckahoe, October 24, 2009
Scouts Alex R., Brian, Sam, Caleb, along with Jimmy from Troop 90 and Jamie from Crew 205 spent the day helping at the annual Halloween Day at Camp Tuckahoe. All the Scouts helped run events and games for over 900 Cub Scouts and their parents, including assisting on the Archery and BB Ranges, assisting with Apple Bobbing, and leading some games with ball tosses and pumpkins. The day ended with assisting in the haunted house, scaring Cubs who dared to enter.

Photos from Orienteering
DVOA Orienteering, Quail Hill Scout Reservation, Manalapan, NJ, October 18, 2009
Scouts Lee, Ethan, and Nic competed in the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association event at Quail Hill Scout Reservation in Manalapan NJ. These boys were all placed in a more difficult grouping than they have previously experienced, to help build their skills and confidence, and challenge them to be even better. They performed very well braving the weather, unknown area, and nervousness for competing against many older, more experienced Scouts. All finished very well, and are proud of their accomplishments!

Photos from the Project
Cameron's Eagle Project, October, 2009
Scout Cameron has begun working with a team of Scouts adn members of the High School Stage Crew on his eagle project. The project is to say "Thank You" to the staff at the High School by building an outside area for teachers to sit, eat, rest, or work on grading papers. The project is planned to be done within the next 6 weeks.

Photos from Hidden Valley Scout Reservation
Sherman’s Creek Rendezvous at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, October 2-4, 2009
Will, Kevin, Tyler, Steven, Brian, Caleb, Alex R. , Sam, Alex S., Nic, and Matt Wa. took part in the Sherman’s Creek Rendezvous at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation. This was a council wide weekend for Scouts from York Adams Area Council and the Keystone Area Council. There were activities for Scouts of all ages and abilities from leatherwork to shooting sports to climbing and repelling.

Photos from the Trains and Coal Mine
Steamtown and Lackawanna Coal Mine, September 11-13, 2009
Greg B., Tyler, Brian, Ethan, Will, Kyle (T 90) as well as Webelos Scouts Luke, Erik, Dylan, and Adam from Pack 205 spent a weekend exploring American and Pennsylvania History in Northern PA. They were able to explore the railroads and steam trains, and travel deep into a coal mine to understand how America worked during the age of steel mills and industry. This is an experience that they all enjoyed, and one they will always remember.
Tuckahoe Lodge, Order of the Arrow, Fellowship Weekend, September 12-13, 2009
Chapter Chief Matt Wa., and lodge members Steven and Alex B. attended the fellowship weekend of the Tuckahoe lodge. This annual event is a free weekend of fun and activities for those Scouts who have been honored with membership in the Order of the Arrow, which is the Honor Camper group of the BSA. Order of the Arrow members provide service to the Camp in many ways, preparing the camp for the summer and winter camping seasons. This weekend is a “thank you” to those scouts. Scouts assisted the Camp once again by preparing for the annual Halloween haunted house, and then took part on shooting sports, swimming, and games. The weekend ends with the annual election of lodge officers, who will take office in January at the annual banquet. Congratulations to Matt Wa. on his election to the role of 3rd Vice Chief. Matt will be working with the other lodge officers to organize the annual work weekends which prepare camp for the different seasons. Congratulations to Steven on his election to Lodge Secretary. Steven will assume the responsibilities of managing the records and communications between the officers and members of the lodge.

Photos from Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Area Adventure, August 10-15, 2009
Alex R, Nic, Matt We, and Sam, took a trip to Niagra Falls this summer. They visited Niagara Falls, hiked along the river, experienced Ft. Niagara, rode the Maid of the Mist to get below the falls, and saw the Cave of the Winds and some local museums. Everyone had a great, if wet, experience.

Photos from Sea Base
BSA Florida Sea Base, Islamorada, FL, August 9-18, 2009
Crew members Jamie, Cameron, Mack, Zac, Kevin, Lee, Will, Matt Wa, and Chris along with Scouts John from troop 27 and Sam from Troop 24, and five dedicated adults had the experience of exploring the Florida Keys as part of a crew on a 50 foot sailing ship. These Scouts traveled to Florida by train, learned how to work a ship, and spent a week living with the aquatic life in the keys. The weather was hot, and the water was beautiful. The crews experienced a lot of local aquatic life, and everyone is still talking about the experience!

Photos from Volleyball
Volleyball, Glen Rock Park, August 8, 2009
Scouts Greg B., Colin, Ethan, Tyler, Cameron, Mack, Zac, Kevin, Lee, Will, Alex R., Alex S., Matt We., Matt Wa., and Nic joined with Crew Members Emi and Jamie as well as siblings and friends in a game of volleyball at Glen Rock Park. Teams and rules were dynamic, and there was lots of fun! The Crew verified and packed cars to leave for Sea Base in Florida, and the younger Scouts finalized their plans for a trip to Niagara Falls. It was a fun evening, with everyone enjoying the evening.

Photos from Bashore Summer Camp
Boy Scout Summer Camp, Bashore Scout Reservation, July 12-17, 2009
Scouts Greg B., Alex B., Colin, Ethan, Brian, Steven, Kevin, Chris, Max, Alex R., Sam, Alex S., Mike , Matt We., and Nic spent a week at Bashore Scout Reservation in central PA. The boys enjoyed all the activities the camp has to offer, including boating, swimming, and shooting sports. There were several notable accomplishments for the week, including 4 mile swim awards, but most importantly that several boys found they could do a lot more than they ever thought they could, with the help and support of their patrols. This was a very successful week, and we look forward to doing it again in 2010.
Shrewsbury Bench Maintenance, June, 2009
As his Leadership project, Scout Mack gathered some help from the other scouts to re-finish the benches in Shrewsbury. These benches were placed there as part of the Shrewsbury Beautification project several years ago by the Scouts and community businesses. Every few years we gather them up, sand, stain, and verify their stability, then return them to the antique district for visitors to enjoy.

Photos from Canoeing
Canoeing Weekend, Resica Falls Scout Reservation, June 5-7, 2009
Scouts Alex B., Colin, Ethan, Greg C., Chris, Dan, Alex R., Sam, and Nic along with Troop 83 Scouts Devin, Nick, David, Layne, Cody, Griffin, Wes, and Greg spent a weekend camping and learning canoeing at Resica Falls Scout Reservation in the PA Poconos. Under some experienced adult leadership, the boys were taught the basics of handling a canoe including paddling and steering, and the proper ways to handle and right a capsized canoe. This will prepare the scouts for summer camp canoeing, as well as a future river trip. Everyone had a great time, and they are ready for the next adventure.

Photos from Swimming
Swimming and Snorkeling at the YMCA, May 13, 2009
Scouts Alex R., Matt, Will, and John got together for another swim at the YMCA. This gave them more time to work with our adult instructors in swimming skills and to practice and learn snorkeling.

Photos from Climbing
Climbing at Earth Treks, May 9, 2009
Scouts Chris, Matt and Mack along with Crewmember Jamie spent a day exercising and climbing at Earth Treks in Timonium MD. This gave them a chance to try their skills, and learn some new ones involved in rope and boulder climbing.

Photos from Cycling
Cycling, Heritage Park Rail Trail, May 7, 2009
Scouts Chris, Dan, Colin, Sam, Alex R., Ethan, Greg, Brian, and Matt We. cycled 10 miles (uphill) along the rail trail. Starting at Hanover Junction, the boys header South to New Freedom, finishing just as the last sun was shining.

Photos from MASOC Orienteering
MASOC Orienteering, French Creek State Park, May 1-3, 2009
Scouts Brian, Greg C., Alex R., Sam, Nic, Matt We., Ethan, Mike W., and Alex S. took part in the annual MASOC Orienteering Weekend at French Creek State Park. This event attracts about 1,000 Scouts from all over the region, and involves running an orienteering course through the park against other teams of 2-3 Scouts of similar age and experience. Congratulations to Ethan, Matt We., and Nic for taking 4th place in their group.

Photos from Climbing Training
Climbing Training, April 28 and May 4, 2009
Scouts Brian, Mack, Kevin, Chris, and Matt along with Crew members Jamie and Jess participated in the training sessions for climbing. Saturday the group will be at Earth Treks, enjoying a day of climbing on the various routes.

Photos from the Eagle Project
Lee Eagle Project, April, 2009
Congratulations to Lee for finishing his Eagle service project this summer. He was assisted by Chris, Kevin, Zac, Cameron, Will, Caleb, Max, and Sam. He corrected a drainage issue around the flagpole at his elementary school, added landscaping and benches. Great job!

Photos from the Camporee
Spring Camporee, April 24-26, 2009
Scouts Alex B., Colin, Ethan, Brian, Steven, Caleb, Cameron, Zac, Kevin, Lee, Alex R., Sam, Mike V., Mike W., and Nic took part in the Blue and Gray District Camporee at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds. This event was hosted by Civil War re-enactors with events focusing on giving the Scout an experience about what life was like for the soldiers. Activities included games of the times, experience with weapons, and chances to see what people did back then.

Photos from the Grace Garden
Community Service at the Grace UMC Garden, April 9, 2009
Over 25 Scouts and family members donated their time to help Grace United Methodist Church plant a garden for those in need. Over time this garden will help supply vegetables to food banks and families throughout the York area who are down on their luck and need a helping hand.

Photos from Swimming
Swimming at the Shrewsbury YMCA, April 8, 2009
Scouts Greg B., Mike V., Alex R., Mike W., Nic, Mack, Lee, Kevin, Chris, and Zac along with John from Troop 27 and several friends and siblings took an evening to learn new skills at the YMCA. The younger Scouts started with their swim test before heading off to play in the water. Congratulations to several whom improved greatly since last time and passed their swimmer level. The Scouts planning on attending the Florida Sea Base this August practiced swimming skills, kayaking, and snorkeling with the help of some very qualified instructors. At the end of the evening, the younger boys got a chance to try out the kayak. Thanks to all the adults who helped, and the YMCA for allowing us o use their pool.

Photos from Camp Bashore
Camping and Cycling at Camp Bashore, March 20-22, 2009
Scouts Lee, Chris, Kevin, Alex R., Sam, Brian, Colin, Mike W., Matt We., Greg C., and Ethan enjoyed a weekend camping and trail cycling at Camp Bashore. The Scouts all packed their gear and bikes, and road along the many trails through the woods of Bashore exploring the camp. Younger Scouts got opportunities to work on skills including cooking and fire building, and everyone had plenty of time for games and fun. This was a good introduction to our newest Scouts to the camp they will attend this summer.

Photos from Pawsabilities
Community Service at Pawsabilities, Harrisburg Farm Show Complex, March 14-15, 2009
Lee, Chris, Kevin, Alex B., Alex S., Caleb, Max, Brian, Alex R., Ethan, Nic, Matt We. helped at the annual Pawsabilities in Harrisburg. This festival of dogs is held as a fundraiser each year by the Susquehanna Service Dogs, who train dogs for those with disabilities. The boys assisted in helping keep the area clean for the hundred of visitors who come up each year.

Photos from the Troop Swim
Troop Swim at the Shrewsbury YMCA, March 11, 2009
Once again we enjoyed a Troop Swim at the Southern York County. Scouts Will, Colin, Alex B, Mike W., Ethan, Matt We., Nic, Alex R., Webelos Scout Merle, and many siblings had a great time with leaders Mr. John and Mrs. Kate practicing their skills. Everyone started off reviewing the swim tests, making sure we all knew the skills and needs of our newest Scouts. Time was then allotted to work on requirements for ranks, and practice skills the older Scouts will need this summer in Florida.

Photos from the Klondike Derby
I.S. Klondike Derby, Camp Tuckahoe, February 27 - March 1, 2009
Scouts Max, Matt Wa., Kevin, Chris, Steven, Alex B., Sam., Alex R., Brian, Greg B., and Greg C. participated in the Indian Steps Klondike Derby at camp Tuckahoe. Events all were based on original games used by Lord Baden Powel at BrownSea Island over 100 years ago. Once again we were joined by Troop 83 from Fawn Grove, and all had a great time.

Photos from Ice Skating
Scout Ice Skate at the York Ice Arena, February 25, 2009
Scouts Matt Wa., Matt We., Ethan, Brian, Alex R., Caleb, and guest Brandon had a fun night with lots of Cub and Boy Scouts from across the district ice skating in York. It’s a chance for families and friends of Scouts to get some exercise, learn new skills, look foolish, and not get hurt together. All kidding aside, everyone has a great time skating and goofing off with their friends.

Photos from the Troop Swim
Troop Swim at the Shrewsbury YMCA, February 11, 2009
The Southern York County YMCA is always willing to support the scouts and their swimming activities, allowing us access to their pool on a regular basis. Scouts Alex R., Alex B., Mike, Chris, Zac, and Greg along with Scout Scott from Troop 24 and Webelos Scout Merle spent the evening practicing their swimming skills, and having fun playing water games. The older Scouts are preparing for their Sea Base adventure in August, and the younger for their exploration of the Florida Keys.
Scout Sunday, February 8, 2009
Scouts Lee, Kevin, Matt, Chris, Alex B., Brian, and Alex R. and their families joined Pack 205 and the congregation of Grace United Methodist Church in celebrating Scout Sunday. Thanks to Pastor Mitch and the Church for providing support to the Scouting Program and making us all a part of the GUMC family.

Orienteering at the York Galleria Mall Show, February 7, 2009
Scouts Will, Lee, Sam, Steven, Brian, Alex R., Chris, and Kevin operated an indoor introduction to Orienteering at the annual Mall Show. Working weeks in advance with the mall management, Will obtained permission, and laid out an 8 station course through the mall, obtained and marked maps, and refurbished markers for the event. Scouts from the troop then instructed visitors in the basics of orienteering, and accompanied younger Scouts on the course. The course covered both levels of the mall, and everyone who participated enjoyed the activity. Some are looking forward to trying Orienteering at local state parks in the future.

Photos from NYC and Snow Tubing
Visit to Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, and snowtubing, January 30 - February 1, 2009
Troop 205 Scouts Lee, Will, Mike, Alex B., Sam, Greg, Brian, Matt, Alex R., Kevin, and Chris along with Scouts John from Troop 27 and Layne, Devin, and Griffin from Troop 83, Webelos Merle and Trent, and Crew members Danielle and Jamie spent a fast paced and fun weekend exploring Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty in New York City. Scouts used Resica Falls Scout Reservation in PA as their base camp, and ended the weekend snow tubing at Camelback Mountain. This was a very exciting trip for the Scouts and adults, learning about the hope that America held for so many immigrants in the past, what they endured to get here, and probably taking away some appreciation of what we have today. There was a lot of discussion about the statue and immigration between the boys Saturday night, and many remarked that that was “cooler than snow tubing!”

Cardboard Sled Derby at Ski Roundtop, January 25, 2009
Scouts Kevin, Chris, Matt, Alex R., Steven, Brian, Sam, Greg, and Caleb along with Cub Scout Martin participated in the annual Cardboard Sled Derby at Ski Roundtop. Scouts have to build a sled using nothing but cardboard, tape, glue, and string based on the theme, which was “The History of Transportation.” Entries are judges based on creativity. Participants then carry them to the top of the snow tubing track, and launch them down, to compete for distance. Everyone has a good time, despite the very cold weather.

Photos from Bowling
Bowling at Springfield Bowling, January 16, 2009
Scouts Kevin, Matt, Steven, Caleb, Will, Chris, Alex B., Alex R., and Greg with Webelos Scout Merle and crew members Jamie and Danielle along with ten adults, siblings, and friends spent the evening bowling. Everyone had a good time starting off the 2009 program together.