Pinewood Demolition Derby, January 21, 2010
Updated January 21, 2010
Scouts were given a kit containing a pinewood derby car drilled for a co2 engine, and containing a few other odds and ends. Their assignment: build a car that could protect an egg when crashed into a wall at a high speed. There were two contests – distance and survival.
The “track” was about 100 feet long, consisting of two pieces of fishing line pulled tight to keep them reasonably straight. All cars has a straw on the bottom to follow the track. For the distance race, they had to carry an egg made of plastic and full of a few pounds of lead. Launching was done with a device designed to puncture the co2 reasonably equally for everyone.
The second event was the demolition derby – carry a raw egg and survive a crash into a wall!
There were a few spectacular splats, sending eggs over a few bystanders.
There were also several very good survivors!
Congratulations to Caleb, Kevin, Mike, Alex R., and to Colin whose car made it the full 100 feet!

Congratulations to survivors Will, Caleb, Tyler, Brian, Colin, and Matt We.