Troop Leadership Training, January 23, 2010
Updated January 23, 2010
Scouts from local troops were recommended by their leaders, and attended six hours of introduction to leadership. The program was based on the 11 principles of leadership taught in many BSA courses, and geared to Scouts who were about to serve as leaders for the first time. Exercises were conducted in small groups throughout the day.
Scouts working on the Orienteering Merit Badge organized an activity to teach teamwork, but more importantly Knowing and Using Your Resources. Participants had to complete a 1-mile orienteering course, with many other team members who they did not know well, and with a few handicaps. The point: If you do not know the skills of your teammates, how can you be successful?
Lunch was provided by some of the adults from Troop 205.

All participants left with a 12-point action plan specific tasks they set for themselves to practice the leadership principles they worked on today.