Winter Sports Weekend, January 29-31, 2010
Updated February 1, 2010
Everyone arrived Friday evening to establish a base camp at Camp Potomac. After some snacks, Scouts spent time planning their day, and checking their gear.

Scouts had an option of snow tubing, skiing, or snowboarding. Those who selected snow tubing had a few hours with the tubes, followed by an afternoon of fun in the snow back at camp Potomac. Scouts who selected the skiing or snowboarding spent most of the day on the slopes.

Snow Tubing

Skiing and Snowboarding

Snow tubers were also able to enjoy a ride on the Mountain Coaster, taking them down the mountain on a coaster track equipped with hand brakes. Everyone thought this was amazing!
Snowboarders and skiers had the run of the mountain based on their skill levels. Several tried out the terrain parks and spent as much time down as they did up.

The evening at the lodge was spent relaxing and playing games. Mr. Scott amazed everyone once again with his artistic abilities, sketching the boys.