National Aquarium Tour, February 21, 2010
Updated February 22, 2010
After a long drive due to a local fire, we arrived at the Aquarium for a special tour - our SPL Lee has spent the past two summers working and studying the sea life. It was great having our own personal tour guide for the day to answer questions, and to guide us through the exhibits with out having to wander around without a clue like most people.
Some highlights included :

• The Australia exhibit featured birds, fish, snakes and turtles native to that continent.

• The 4-D theater Total Immersion movie includes air and water that blow and squirts on you as you are sitting there on a vibrating chair.

• The Jellyfish exhibit featuring a lot of really colorful and cool jellyfish.
• The dolphin show where we learned about how the earth is 80% water covered and how important it is to not pollute the water and to conserve all of the earth’s natural resources.

• Watching dolphins perform all kinds of tricks, jumping and waving their flippers and walking on their tails....just to get a piece of raw fish! It was pretty amazing.
• The Tropical Rain forest of South America. The heat and humidity of the rain forest reminded us of the weather we had at Sea Base last summer, it sort of took your breath away. In the rain forest we saw all kinds of birds, fish, frogs, and turtles, but the coolest things were the three toed sloths. The sloths just sort of hung out in the trees doing nothing.

• The main aquarium, where we encountered the sharks. The sharks were truly awesome, slowly swimming around the circular aquarium looking for their next meal. • The skeleton of a whale.