Community Service at Pawsabilites, March 13-14, 2010
Updated March 14, 2010

Troop 205 is happy to assist the Susquehanna Service Dog’s annual Pawsabilities event, held at the Farm Shown Complex in Harrisburg PA. This event is a fundraiser for the organization to raise the money to help train service dogs for people in need.
One of the duties the Scouts were on is “Doggy Doodie Duty”, with a goal of keeping the hall as clean as possible as quickly as possible. Many owners clean up after their dogs, others, well, lets just say they are not responsible citizens.
Several Staff members & vendors pulled our leaders aside to tell me how great the boys were.
o Well behaved
o Dedicated to do their absolute best at any job they were asked to do.
o One vendor told us “I remember you from last year. Your scouts are the best workers here. I wish they were always working around my stand.”
o “We love having your scouts here. They have done so much for us. As soon as the other groups arrive, we have them doing more Fun Stuff.”
With these types of reviews, we can’t go wrong.
As they were relieved of their pooper-scoopers & mop buckets, they worked as spotters to help the relief teams cover more ground. They also worked as support staff for many games including Doggy Limbo, Musical Hoops, Over/Under/Through, and they got to be a dog donning the “Clifford the ‘not-so-big’ Dog” suit!
Several volunteers did not show for the final shift Saturday, so Ethan, Colin, Aaron, & Anna volunteered to help, and worked an extra shift to make sure everything was covered.
Several Scouts were asked to participate in CGC/TDI Testing. They played many roles in helping evaluate potential therapy and assistance dogs including “Disruptive Youth” and “Wheelchair bound test subject.”
Thank you to the SSD Organization for once again allowing us to be of service. We look forward to supplying even more help in 2011.