Troop Swim at the Shrewsbury YMCA, March 17, 2010
Updated March 17, 2010

All our Scouts first had to complete the BSA swim test once again. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, on a swim team, or have completed the mile swim you must do this every year for safety. Adults too.
Once everyone was checked out, we began working with the new Scouts on their swimming requirements for Second Class and First Class. We were lucky t have the Director of the Pool from Bashore 2009 present (she is part of Crew 205) to work with the boys on all the rescues they need to learn, as well as rules for safe swimming.
One of our goals is to work with the boys for the canoe trip in May, to be sure they are prepared and safe within their ability levels.

This night the Older Scouts had some free time to play, practice diving for a 10 pound weight, and have fun.