Climbing, March 15, 22, and 27, 2010
Updated March 29, 2010

Every year Crew 205 invites the older Scouts in Troop 205 to spend a day climbing at Earth Treks in Timonium, MD. New climbers must attend two training sessions to learn safe climbing skills.

Session #1 for new climbers, March 15
After discussing friction, ropes, gear, and safety, participants are required to correctly harness themselves, and inspect another’s harness for safety. Checking each other is stressed during the training.
The proper way to attach the climbing rope to the harness is then taught, along with the method of tying a figure 8 (doubled over after using 2 points on the harness) and a backup knot.
After everyone has demonstrated correctly, demonstrations on safety continue. The belay device is discussed, and the role of the climbing in checking the belayer is covered. The second session will review everything covered today, and work on commands, safety, and belaying for those 14 and older.

Session #2 for all climbers, new and old, March 22
Our second training session is a refresher, and hands on practice with the rope and commands. Due to the weather, we opted to use the stairwell. All climbers once again had to harness up correctly, tie the correct knots, and demonstrate the correct commands. Those who will belay had to show the correct technique for safely belaying a climber. Each Scout practices several times with each other until the instructors are comfortable that they will be safe.
The big day at Earth Treks, March 27
Scouts Matt, Kevin, Tyler, and Al along with Scouts Aaron, Layne, Devon, and griffin from Troop 83 and Casey from crew 205 started the day with a review of safety, and reminders of technique – use your legs, plan your route, follow the safety rules and commands. Aaron quickly passed the belay test to become one of our belayers. The first few times a “backup” belayer was assigned to make sure Aaron was doing everything right, and after a while he showed he dad the technique down correct. So, up and climbing!
Scouts spent about 6 hours on the walls, trying harder and harder climbs, until everyone was exhausted! Everyone had so much fun that we will likely be doing it again soon. Thanks to Mr. Terry for his training.