Updated April 28, 2010
"Scout Wars"
Blue and Gray District Camperall, Latimore Valley Fairgrounds, April 23-25, 2010

Luckily the rain held off and during the day the weather was perfect for the various events. The events were themed after “Scout Wars: Long time ago in a Scout Camp far far away….”    Pretty good way to tie in the 100th anniversary of Scouting!
From balancing on a plank in the "Anti Gravity" station, performing first aid and carrying a victim in a space blanket, guiding a golf ball through a series of tubes to drop it into a cylinder about 25 feet away. They walked across make believe lava and were able to start a fire in a very short period of time. Quite a credit to these new Scouts.
They learned some trivia and history of Scouting from the Pioneering MB counselor from Tuckahoe, who was dressed up as Baden Powell, and got to use their geocaching skills to complete a small course that was set up around the race track.
As part of every rank and merit badge the Scouts will refresh their first aid skills, and have many opportunities to use then in these types of events. We all hope they will be able to, but not have to, use these skills anywhere else.

The days activities were highlighted by the rocket racer cart race in the afternoon, about 10 carts of various shapes and sizes competed by running one the 1/2 mile lap around the vintage dirt race track. Each of our Scout’s patrols completed the race and had fun.

That evening the boys cooked a delicious meal of chicken tacos.
During the campfire the boys performed the submarine, torpedo skit. the campfire also included a performance by the Pioneering MB Scout from Tuckahoe, telling a story about some scouts that were lost in the wilderness and came across a cabin with an old recluse who gave them shelter and guided them on their way back home the next day, it turned out that the old man and the cabin were really ghosts, it was a cool story that rhymed and the guy telling it was amazing.

Saturday night after midnight it began to rain and rain but then it stopped in the morning just in time for the group to get packed up and head home all wet and muddy.