Updated May 2, 2010
MASOC Mid-Atlantic Scout Orienteering Championship
French Creek State Park, PA, May 1, 2010

The Delaware Valley Orienteering Association hosts an annual event for hundreds of Scouts every year at French Creek State Park. Troop 205 has been attending for several years, giving Scouts a chance to learn new skills and compete at various levels.
The day starts with instruction for those who are new to the sport of Orienteering. Then they start the team competition courses. These courses are assigned (at the Scoutmasters recommendation) based on experience, usually groups of two, covering several miles. Troop 205 entered 3 teams in the moderate experience group, and one in the novice group.
That afternoon event is a troop event, where the Scouts try to get as many markers as they can in a given time. Brian, Ethan, & Matt - assessed their team mates condition and reset teams for the Troop event. They analyzed the marker locations and assigned groups of markers to the teams based on their stated condition & desired second run. Brian & Michael ran to one side of the lake and found several remote markers. Ethan & Matt ran around the other side of the lake and found several remote markers. Nic & Dakota found all the close markers along the lake, near the Start & Finish area. Chase & A.J. were assigned markers above the parking lot
On the Intermediate Course, Ethan & Matt took 7th place and Michael & Nic took 4th place out of 61 teams!