Updated May 12, 2010
Ressica Falls Camping, May 7-9, 2010
Scouts had planned a canoe trip along the Delaware River, using Ressica Falls as a base camp. Mother Nature had other plans for us. Water temperatures, air temperatures, fear of hypothermia should a canoe tip, predictions of severe thunderstorms, and severe winds prompted the leaders to change their plans, and spend a weekend camping and hiking in the Poconos mountains of PA.

Tents and tarps were secured extra well for the winds that were predicted. This gave new Scouts a chance to learn and use knots appropriate for these tasks.
The Scouts had an opportunity to spend time with the newest members, helping them learn and apply new skills with ropes, fire, and camping skills. Some learned about plants in the area, and some didnít learn soon enough to avoid the impacts days later.
Signs of wildlife are everywhere in that part of the state. It is unusual to find such a large number of colorful, smaller residents all in one place.

The weather was great for hiking, so off they went along the local trails toward Little Falls.

Although it wasnít the trip originally planned, everyone did have fun, and a chance to learn new skills. And with the nights, wind, and water as cold as it was, everyone knows to do the right thing.