Updated August 15, 2010
Carpentry - Historic Merit Badge
August 2010

First offered in 1911-discontinued in 1952. These are the original requirements written in 1911. Think about how times have changed as you complete the requirements a Scout your age would have done a hundred years ago. Can you imagine a life without power tools? Long before manufacturing, everything was made by hand. Craftsmen developed their skills to become a master. The final test was the production of a great piece called a masterpiece. A hundred years ago there was no such thing as handheld power tools. To get the most of this merit badge, we suggest doing it the old-fashioned way with good, old-fashioned hand tools.


To obtain a Merit Badge for Carpentry, a Scout must:

1. Demonstrate the use of the rule, square, level, plumb-line, mitre, chalk-line and bevel.
2. Demonstrate the proper way to drive, set, and clinch a nail, draw a spike with a claw-hammer, and to join two pieces of wood with screws.
3. Show correct use of the cross-cut saw and of the rip-saw.
4. Show how to plane the edge, end and the broad surface of a board.
5. Demonstrate how to lay shingles.
6. Make a simple article of furniture for practical use in the home or on the home grounds, finished in a workmanlike manner, all work to be done without assistance.

The “simple article of furniture” is a collapsible chair/table, this will really come in handy at the next campout!