BSA Troop 205 2010 Activities

Celebrating our 5th year of Scouting!
Providing adventure and leadership opportunities
for Boys ages 11-17 in Southern York County PA

Updated December 28, 2010

Photos from Scout night at the Hershey Bears
Scout night at the Hershey Bears
On Dec 28, Troop 205 attended Scout night at the Hershey Bears.

Photos from John W Brown
John W Brown Liberty Ship
On the weekend of Dec 10-12, 17 boys and 5 adults headed South to Baltimore's Pier 1 to stay on board the John W Brown Liberty Ship.

Citizenship in the Community Merit badge
Citizenship in the Community Merit badge
On December 1, 2010, Troop 205 Scouts attended a Shrewsbury Township Board of Supervisors Meeting as part of the Citizenship in the Community Merit badge requirements.

Photos from Patrol Camping
Patrol Camping at Hidden Valley
On the weekend of Nov 20th,the Three Patrols of Trrop 205 went camping at Hidden Valley.

Photos from Carpentry
Carpentry - Historic Merit Badge
Carpentry Merit Badge was first offered in 1911, and was discontinued in 1952. Carpentry Merit Badge must be earned between April 1, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2010.

Photos from Jambo
National Scout Jamboree, Fort AP Hill
AJ,Sam,Isaac,Caleb,Alex,Eric,Chase,Nic,Jake,Matt,Ethan,Chris,Kevin,Will,Brian and Tyler joined 43,000 other scouts to experience the centennial National Scout Jamboree. The more than 43,000 boys made the Jamboree Tent City the 13th largest city in Virginia!

Photos from Bashore
Bashore Summer Camp, Summer 2010
Troop 205 spent a week at Bashore Summer Camp.

Photos from Signaling
Signaling Merit badge, Summer 2010
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Scouting in America the BSA brought back four of the original merit badges, one being signaling. Scouts built devices and practiced sending messages over distances using the semaphore flag code and the Morse code.

Photos from Climbing
Climbing at Earth Treks, June 21 and 26, 2010
Crew 205 hosted a second climbing event with Troop 205 and guests from Troop 83 other units. Matt Wa., Tyler, Casey, Al, Dwight, Isaac, David, and Nathan once again started out learning new skills, and helping teach new climbers. Then they had a day of fun at Earth Treks. Many tried achieving harder and harder colored courses throughout the day, and spent time bouldering and traversing other routes.

American Cancer Society Relay for Life Setup Support, June 11, 2010
Scouts Matt Wa., Chris, Sam, Ethan, Colin, Nic, and Dylan B. offered their afternoon to help UPS set up their area at the Relay for Life in Timonium, Maryland. The boys help load vehicles with gear and set up tents and canopies for the UPS team, helping raise money and awareness for cancer research and treatment. While there they offered and helped several other groups with their signs and gear.

Photos from Hiking and Backpacking
Hiking and backpacking the Appalachian Trail, Southern Pennsylvania, June 4-6, 2010
Troop 205 Scouts Greg C. and AJ, joined with Troop 83 Scouts Trent, Jared, and Austin and Pack 205 Webelos Bud, Tristen, and Adam for a weekend camping and hiking in Caledonia State Park, Pennsylvania. Troop 205 Scouts Colin, Chris, Brian, Will, and Kevin teamed up with Troop 83 Scouts Devin, David, Aaron, Greg, Layne, Wes, Cody, and Hogan for an adventure backpack overnight along the Appalachian Trail.

Order of the Arrow Section NE-6B Conclave, Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, May 21-23 2010
Scouts Matt Wa. and Tyler spent the weekend of April 21-23 with Tuckahoe OA lodge, who hosted a conclave for other lodges in section NE-6B. The weekend included attending training sessions on a wide variety of subjects in the morning, followed by activities in the afternoon. Participants had time to do activities such as Rifle shooting, Volleyball, Golf, Horseshoes, and a few others. After a large dinner, people filed into the dining hall for a "Rock Show" that featured youth and adult teams from all 5 lodges playing along to music on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Congrats to the Tuckahoe team for being the only group to successfully make it through the song. After the chaos of the show, lodges set up food and game stands, allowing the boys to enjoy free food, while playing games.

Photos from Helping Hands
Grace U.M.C. Helping Hands, New Freedom, PA, May 16, 2010
Scouts Matt We., Ethan, Kevin, Chris, and Dylan W. have assisted G.U.M.C. Helping Hands over the last two months. Matt has taken this on as his Star leadership project, providing a few extra hands each month to the church as they help feed those in need in York County.

Photos from Lee's Eagle
Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Lee, May 16, 2010
Congratulations to Scout Lee for obtaining the Eagle Scout Award. Thank you to his family and friends for making the afternoon special for everyone.

Photos from Cameron's Eagle
Eagle Scout Court of Honor, Cameron (Cody), May 15, 2010
Congratulations to Scout Cameron for obtaining the Eagle Scout Award. Thank you to his family and friends for making the evening special for everyone.

Photos from the Troop Swim
Troop Swim, Southern York County YMCA, May 12, 2010
Scouts Merle, Dylan B., Chase, Ethan, Al, Caleb, Logan, Alex R., Dakota, Sam, Isaac, Eric, A.J., and Nic enjoyed another evening of fun and time to practice skills at the YMCA swimming pool. Many accomplished their swimming requirements for Second and first Class, while some did their swim tests for summer camp, and other had a great time in the water.

Photos from Ressica Falls
Ressica Falls Scout Reservation, Poconos Mountians, PA, May 7-9, 2010
Scouts Colin, Ethan, Brian, Al, Dan, Alex R. , Sam, Nic, AJ, Dwight, Dylan B., Luke, Jacob, Eric, and Dylan W. Spent a weekend camping at Ressica Falls Scout Reservation in the Poconos Mountains of PA. Originally planned as a spring canoe trip, plans were changed due to the weather, and the scouts spend a weekend hiking and camping and having fun.

Photos from MASOC
Mid-Atlantic Scout Orienteering Championship, French Creek State Park, PA, May 1, 2010
Scouts Brian, Mike, Nic, Ethan, Matt We., Dakota, A.J., and Chase tested their orienteering skills against hundreds of other Scouts from many states at the annual MASOC event. Brian and Dakota, Ethan and Matt, and Nic and Mike were placed on the intermediate course. Scouts Chase and A.J. were placed on the novice course intended to give experience to those new to the sport. The team on Ethan and Matt placed 7th, and Mike and Nic placed 4th out of 61 teams! Congratulations to all the boys on their teamwork and sportsmanship.

Photos from the Camporee
Blue and Gray District Camporee, Latimore Fairgrounds, April 23-25, 2010
Scouts Chris, Sam, Alex R., Merle, Chase, Ethan, Luke, Greg C., Aaron, Jacob, Alex S., Nic, Al, and Isaac participated in the Blue and Gray District Camporee along with hundreds of Scouts from other units. The theme was based on “Star Wars” and featured contests of skill and teamwork, ending in the 1/4 mike Scout powered rocket car race around the sprint track at the Latimore Fairgrounds.

Troop Swim at the Shrewsbury YMCA, April 7, 2010
Scouts Merle, Dylan B., Tyler, Ethan, Luke, Greg C., Brian, Aaron, Kevin, Chris, Jacob, Logan, Will, Eric, A.J., and Dylan W. once again enjoyed a night of swimming at the local YMCA. Many worked on their swimming skills and tests, and all spent a lot of time just having fun. Webelos Tristin, Adam, and Greg from Pack 205 came along for some fun and work on their swimming badges.
Spring Merit Badges, April/May 2010
Click on any badge to see pictures of the Scouts and leaders having fun learning.
The youth leaders have planned three badges for the spring during their troop meetings, and have engaged many talented adults to help. Chemistry Merit Badge is a lot of fun, learning about reactions and properties of different materials, and watching things blow up! This is a fun chance to find learning can be fun, thanks to local Chemistry teacher Ms. Rohrbaugh. Communications Merit Badge is one that is required for Eagle, and a necessary skill for any of our future youth leaders. Ms. Good is a local teacher who works with kids regularly on their verbal and non-verbal interaction skills. For the older Scouts (who have everything) (ok, and like to eat everything) executive adult chefs Bob and Steve are engaging them in the skills of fine camping culinary arts.

Photos from the Project
Tyler's Eagle Scout Project at New Hope (continued) April 3, 2010
This past November Scout Tyler began are taking an area at New Life and making a reflection area for residents to enjoy for his Eagle Project. With the winter arriving, the final landscaping of the project had to be scheduled for the spring. So Scouts Tyler, Chris, and Kevin spent time moving lots of dirt and mulch, and staining the wood of the bridge and benches for the area. With a few more little touches, this will complete Tyler’s project.

Photos from Climbing
Climbing and Training, Earth Treks, Timonium MD, March 15, 22, 27, 2010
Crew 205 hosted their annual climbing event with Troop 205 and guests from Troop 83 and 69. Matt Wa., Tyler, Casey, Al, Layne, Griffin, Aaron, and Devon started out learning new skills, and helping teach new climbers. Along with Kevin they continued their training, preparing for a day of fun at Earth Treks. While climbing, Scouts practiced safety and technique, achieving harder and harder colored courses throughout the day, and working together to help each other.

Photos from Tuckahoe
Weekend at Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg PA, March 19-21, 2010
Chris, Colin, Kevin, Alex R., Ethan, Mike, Matt We., Nic, Greg C., Sam, Chase, Luke, Merle, Aaron, Logan, Dakota, Eric, Dylan W., and Dylan B. spent a weekend camping at Camp Tuckahoe. Activities included a review of knife and axe safety, fire building and safety, geocaching and hiking, building a monkey bridge, and some excellent cooking! Most importantly, a bunch of new Boy Scouts had an excellent experience working together and trying new things.

Photos from Swimming
Troop Swim, Shrewsbury YMCA, March 17, 2010
Scouts Merle, Colin, Jesse, Ethan, Luke, Aaron, Jake, Kevin, Alex R., Dakota, Eric, Mike, Matt We., Dylan W., and Nic had a good evening swimming at the YMCA. All worked on their BSA swim test, and the younger Scouts began learning and practicing skills necessary for safe swimming. Thanks to Jess from Crew 205 for helping instruct, and the YMCA for hosting the swim.

Photos from Pawsabilities
Service at Pawsabilities - Susquehanna Service Dogs, Harrisburg PA, March 13-14, 2010
Organized by Ethan as a Leadership Project, Scouts Alex R., Dakota, Brian, Eric, Luke, Chris, Colin, Kevin, Dylan W., Aaron, Matt We., Nic, Greg C., Caleb, Kevin, Logan, Merle, and Sam with Scout Brandon from troop 27, and sibling Anna volunteered to help staff Pawsabilities 2010, the fundraising event for Susquehanna Service Dogs organization. This even runs for two days, and brings hundreds of dog lovers together for fun and games with their friends. All proceeds are used to help train service dogs for those in need.

Photos from Ice-skating
Scout Ice Skate, York City Ice Arena, York PA, February 24, 2010
Scouts Matt, Brian, Alex R., Colin, Ethan, Nick, Logan, Eric, Aaron, and Jesse enjoyed an evening of Ice Skating at the York City Ice Arena.

Photos from the Aquarium
National Aquarium Visit, Baltimore MD, February 21, 2010
Lee, Chris, Kevin, Sam and Greg spent a day learning about sea life and conservation at the National Aquarium in Baltimore MD. The event was organized by Lee and included a personalized tour designed specifically for those Scouts attending.

Photos from Pack 205 Blue and Gold
Pack 205 Blue and Gold Banquet, Grace U.M.C., February 20, 2010
Webelos Scouts Chase, Jesse, Luke, Aaron, Jake, Jacob, Dakota, Eric, and Dylan crossed over from Pack 205 to Troop 205 at the Annual Blue and Gold Banquet. SPL Lee and senior Scouts Matt Wa. and Dan conducted the ceremony.

The same evening, Scouts Merle and Logan crossed over from Pack 156 to Troop 205 at their banquet in Stewartstown. Senior Scout Chris and Steven participated in their ceremony.

These Webelos have the honor of being the first new Scouts in Troop 205 as we begin Scouting’s second century. Welcome!

Photos from WISP
January Winter Sports Trip, January 29-31, 2010
Scouts Will, Matt, Chris, Tyler, Brian, Nic, Alex R., and Caleb participated in our winter sports trip at Camp Potomac in MD. Several Scouts and adults spent the day snow tubing, playing in the snow, and working on activities and skills. Others spent the day skiing at Wisp Resort. The weather provided much snow, and it was a great trip for everyone.

Photos from Troop Leadership Training
Troop Leadership Training, January 23, 2010
Scouts Tyler, Brian, Kevin, Alex R., Sam, and Will from Troop 205 participated in a training program for new youth leaders along with Scouts Devin, David, Cody, and Layne from Troop 83 and B.J. and Brandon from Troop 27. This was a introduction on being a youth leader designed to give the boys things to actually apply and work on over the next few months, as well as tools and resources to refer to in improving their leadership skills.

Photos from the Demolition Derby
Demolition Pinewood Derby, January 21, 2010
Scouts competed in their own version of the famous Cub Scout event - with a twist (or rather a crash!) Nineteen cars competed to see who could carry an egg, into a wall, powered by co2, and survive!

Photos from Springfield Bowling
Evening at Springfield Bowling, January 15, 2010
Scouts Greg, Caleb, Nic, Matt Wa., Kevin, Chris, Sam, and Alex R. along with siblings Carson and Danny spent an evening having fun at Springfield Lanes. The night includes bowling from 9-12, and all the pizza and drinks you want. Everyone had a great time, with many Scouts improving their game, and some showing the safest please to be is where the pins were standing.