Updated May 27, 2011

Mid-Atlantic Orienteering Competition (MASOC).

On Saturday May 7th, 8 Scouts from Troop 205 (Ethan, Matt, Nic, Michael, Merle, Greg, Luke, & Dylan B.)travelled to French Creek State Park to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Orienteering Competition (MASOC).

On arrival the four older scouts gave the younger scouts a crash course in land navigation, scout style!

During the morning’s competition, the teams of Ethan and Michael, Matt & Nic, in their third MASOC, competed on the advanced course finishing just out of the awards.

Greg & Merle finished 10th out of 64 teams on the intermediate course.
Luke & Dylan B, were competing on the beginners course and finished well.

During the afternoon Ethan & Matt worked with the teams to identify who would go after which markers for the team competition. Although the Troops four teams found more than 140 points; more points than the majority of the troops who competed. They only had one team return before the deadline, turning in only 27 points that counted.
Time management is a hard lesson to learn.

Next time they will be wearing Stop watches :-)