Updated December 04, 2011

Chris Kuhnís Eagle Scout Project

Chris Kuhnís Eagle Scout project, Chrisís project is to restore an older brick building behind Christ Lutheran Church in Shrewsbury, PA.
The project is currently ongoing with the help of parents and scouts from Troop 205 and along with some old friends giving a hand.

This building had not been painted in many years and is in need of some TLC. Luckily for Chris, the Troop 205 TLC and scouts are ready to help out.

Time to get started..

First the old gutter had to come down, then lots of scraping and sanding, then more scrapping and sanding followed by many tubes of caulk and lastly a good power washing.

Eagle scout Tyler Biuk and his dad stopped by and gave a hand. All the exposed wood was painted with an oil based primer, apparently some of scouts were alsoÖ.

The last steps were cutting off the old gutter handers and then painting 2 coats of Latex top coat.

All done!!