Updated December 24, 2011

The Great TP Challenge

On the last regular meeting of 2011, Troop 205 decides to have a meeting with a unique challenge theme. The theme being the camperís best friend TP, sometimes called Toilet paper. The SP Dwight and ASP Al helped run the challenge.

In the first game, the Senior Patrol leader and the Assistant Senior Patrol leader were placed in the center of the TP triangle. The scouts were divided into three groups all with 24 rolls of TP. At the start all three teams threw the toilet paper into the center ring (at the SP and ASP) and the SP and ASP tired to throw as much of the TP back. The catch was that all the scouts had their arms tied so they could only use their forearms to throw with.

In the second game the SP and ASP divided the scouts into two teams. Placed on the middle line were 24 rolls of TP. At the start the scouts rush to the center and grab as much TP as possible.The scouts then must go back to their home line before throwing the TP.
If a scout is hit they must go out, however if a scout catches the TP a scout that had been out may return.