Updated February 22, 2012

Pack 205 Blue and Gold Ceremony

On February 11, 2012, representatives of Troop 205 were invited to the Pack 205 Blue and Gold ceremony
to see Alex, Andrew, Colin, Matt, Renzo and Trevor bridge over to become Troop 205 Boy Scouts.

On a cold snowy winter’s night, Pack 205 held a Tiki themed Blue and Gold.

The Tiki theme kept everyone's mind off the outside weather,
maybe too much...

Displaying off some of Webelos II handywork.

The Webleo II scouts line up with thier parents.

The Arrow of light is the only Cub Scout award,
permitted on the Boy Scout uniform.

Time to huddle up to get ready for the Bridging ceremony.
Nice bow tie Mr. Mike…

The Bridging ceremony begins with the assembling of the Bridge

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