Updated March 17, 2012

Troop 205 Annual Egg Derby

Boy Scout Troop 205 held the annual egg derby during the troop meeting of March 8. All scouts were issued a standard pinewood derby car with a hole drilled to accept a C02 cartridge. The Scouts had two weeks to design and build a car that could carry an egg. The Cars needed to be designed to compete in to two different challenges. The first was a distance challenge and the second was to have their egg survive hitting a wood wall from ten feet away.

How many TLC Scouts does it take to launch the cars?…
...apparently all of them

Getting ready

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - Launch!

The Troop Scout Leaders giving guidance, I think Mr. Steve is showing Mr. Donald which way is west…

Omelets anyone?