Updated June 4, 2012

Chris and Kevin's Eagle Scout Ceremony

On May 12, 2012 the families, friends and fellow scouts gathered to honor Chris and Kevin with an Eagle Scout ceremony to celebrate their achievement of earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Eagle Ceremony in Neckerchiefs

U.S. Representative Todd Platts is the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 19th congressional district. Representative Platts gave both Chris and Kevin a flag that was flown at the capital on the 4th of July. Representative Platts has done close to a 1000 Eagle Ceremonies in his service to the American people.

The Eagle Ceremony is lead by the Scout Master and Senior Patrol Leader.

Both Families are asked to join the Eagle Ceremony

Mom gets her Eagle pin.

Dad get his Eagle pin.

Now it is time for the Eagle scouts to recive thier Eagle medals.

Time for the Eagle Scout Neckerchief.

The Eagle Certificate is presented to the New Eagle Scouts.

The Mentor Pin is presented to current Scout Master Mike Rohrbaugh
and previous Scout Master Larry Wagner

The Boy Scouts of Troop 205 in attendance.

The Eagle Scouts in attendance.

The newest Troop 205 Eagle Scouts with Scout Master Mike Rohrbaugh

Some of the certificates and awards presented to the Eagle scouts. Senator Waugh and State representative Ron Miller were not able to attend, but sent appreciative items for the new Eagle scouts.

There was even a Eagle Scout cake!!!

Finally time to move the pegs!

Outakes from the Eagle Ceremony