Updated July 05, 2012

Troop 205 Summer camp at Camp Rodney

The TLC decided to return to Camp Rodney for Summer camp this year. The Scouts and Adults of Troop 205 went to Camp Rodney during the week of June 17th. Camp Rodney is located in the Chesapeake Bay and is known for its excellent Aquatic programs. Our first year Scouts participated in the Brownsea program designed as a first year camper program.

Back at Rodney!

Camping is not camping without a campfire...

Climbing and Rappeling, the Camp Rodney climbing wall (aka Tower of Doom) is designed to test your strength while hanging 20+ feet in the air.

If I was the guy on the right, I would be nervous...

Handicrafts, Camp Rodney offers of various merit badges for hobby interests or just for the fun of knowing how to make use of nature’s materials.

Lots of good food, some healther than others...

Scouting skills in Class A Uniforms!

Hanging out at the campsite!

Shooting sports, Camp Rodney has many Shooting sports related merit badges offered, the above pictures are from the shotgun merit badge.

Paddling away!

AQUATICS, the camp Rodney Aquatics program is called “The Best in the Nation”. Camp Rodney has 3 aquatics areas: the pool, the boat yard, and the sailing base!

Brownsea designed to give a new Scout the basic camping skills he needs and will include many requirements for rank advancement for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class. In addition, the first year camper will visit and participate in most program areas in camp. There are merit badge opportunities in swimming and nature as well as Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit and Leave No Trace.

...as always, lots of scouting fun!