Updated August 4, 2012

Ethan's Eagle Scout Project

Ethan's Eagle Scout Project was to rebuild a bridge on a trail in Spring Valley County Park.

Project was important because the old bridge was 15 years old and was designed for hikers. It now has to support the additional weight of horseback riders, bicycles and hikers. The bridge deck was severely worn, flexed too much and really needed to be replaced.

As we said, this bridge was in poor shape...

First the old wood needed to go!

During the rebuilding stage the three telephone poles needed to be aligned to improve central support. Then, the deck was replacedon the entire bridge.

It was then necessary to add stacked stone support for lower 4 to 6 feet of bridge and Add 6 by 6 support/pillars as close to center as possible without disturbing water flow.

And finally, railings were added to both sides to improve bridge safety and help horses cross the bridge.

Wow, much better!