Updated August 04, 2012

Guppy Gulch Summer Camp, Underwater!

During the week of July 22-28, Several senior Scouts from Troop 205 went a high adventure experience at Guppy Gulch in Delta PA. The Scouts and Scoutmaster are now certified open water divers!!

What a bunch of squibs...

Becoming a certified Diver is hard, the first step is studying and snorkeling

As I said, Becoming a certified Diver is hard, the next step is more studying and learning scuba skills!

Look Mom no air!

Guppy Gulch also has fun above the water, well mostly above...

Take a Zip Line, a bungie cord and a boogie board and you get fun!!!

I have no idea what is going on here, maybe Scoutmaster Mike really needed a shower..

What a bunch of Divers!