Updated October 18, 2012

Orienteering at Lancaster County Central Park

On a beautiful fall day Troop 205 took a group of 11 Scouts and one big sister to the Lancaster county central Park for a day of wandering in the Woods. When we arrived Merle gave the new orienteers basic instruction in basic navigation including how a compass works, how to orient your map to the ground using your compass, and how to navigate with a topographic map and compass. Ethan and Nic then walked the Scouts through their paces over a measured 100 Meter pace course and explained how their pace count can be used to determine where you are or how far you have gone.

Then the fun began!.

Two teams of Scouts, Nic and Merle and Ethan, Eric, and Emma, went out at five minute intervals on the advanced (Orange) course. This was the first year they all finished the advanced course, and they finished in record time; both teams completed the 5.5 mile course over extremely difficult terrain, in approximately 1.5 hours.

The remaining Scouts; all on their first orienteering event went out in 3 separate teams to challenge the intermediate (Yellow) course. Trevor and Renzo, Matt and Collin, and the A team consisting of Andrew, Alex, and Devin left on 4 minute intervals to challenge the park. The first team back was the A Team; they finished the three mile course in about an hour and a half. Alex and Andrew demonstrated great initiative and leadership by taking the initiative and going back out on the course to help guide the other two teams through their remaining points. All of the scouts successfully completed the Orienteering course in a little under three hours.

After their return Ethan and Nic sat down with Renzo, Devin, and Andrew to work on a few remaining Scout Skills