Updated February 10, 2013

Klondike at Tuckahoe

On the weekend of January 25-27, Troop 205 went to Tuckahoe for the annual Klondike. The Klondike is a winter time council event. This year we even had snow!

The most important thing abiout winter camping is make ice cream?

Looks Cold...

Showing how resourceful the scouts are, we took over the Tuckahoe Chapel and made it our living quarters

Finally some warm food.

One of the fun events of Klondike is the sled race

No heat, no problem, we have the Sun

I smell baked goods...

As one of the Klondike events, Troop 205 designed and ran an obstacle course.

A truly diabolical obstacle course

Watch your feet...

Fun in the snow.

Hmm..this must be Rambo V