Updated March 26, 2013


On the weekend of March 22-24 Scouts from Troop 205 went cabin camping at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation.
The feature of this campout was a COOKING COMPETITION.

A total of five teams competed:

Team 1: SPL Eric, Devin and Ian

Team 2: Caleb, Alex N, and Zac

Team 3: Dylan W, Greg and Matt

Team 4: Luke, Dakota and Carson

Team 5: Nic, Matt and Rohit

Adults and Scout category:

Steve, Ted, Amy, Melinda, Nanda
and former SPL Ethan


Click on the above icon for the contest rules.

The Chefs

Many of our newer scouts took this opportunity to work on their scout skills.

Lots and lots of cooking!!!

Look at all the yummy food.

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Click on the above icons for the recipes or click camping
icon on the front Troop page for tons of other camping recipes!

Finally, TIME TO EAT!

Of course, at any Troop 205 campout there is time for fun and rest.