Updated October 8, 2013

Luke's Eagle Scout Project

On the weekends of June 8 and 22 of 2013, Luke completed his Eagle Scout
Project. The Eagle Scout Project was to build two poly lumber benches from
scratch for St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Luke had help from Troop 205
scouts Aaron F, Ethan B, Dylan w, Eric S, Merle B, Michael W, Andrew W.

Also helping was Luke's father and Mrs. Weaver.

The project was completed in several steps including, planning, fundraising,
cutting, preassembly, site work and installation.

Luke's Project

Once the planning is complete, it is time to raise the funds for
the project. Luke held a large yard sale with items donated by Troop
205 members.

Now precut the materials for assembly.

With all the components precut assembly of the benches is easy.

On the site, the cement foundations need to be created.

Time to treat the crew to some ice cream.

All done, Great job Luke!